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Life in Haiti has never been easy, but especially now. Last year Haiti was named the #1 country in the world for food insecurity. And with natural disasters such as hurricane Matthew, the cost of food and gas have skyrocketed.

Many of the children who attend our Kids Churches and schools are too hungry to sing or learn. Today, we feed the children as often as we can when the funds are available, but we desire to feed all 6 kids churches and 2 schools every week. It costs between $100-$150 US dollars per church/school per week to feed the children (total of $800-$1200/week). The more we are able to buy, prepare, and deliver the food in bulk, the lower the cost. 


This feeding program not only feeds the children, but encourages attendance and creates jobs. Please consider supporting our feeding program with a regular contribution. You can donate automatically each week/month from our online donation page.

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