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Mango tree church2.jpeg


There are no shortage of project opportunities in Haiti. Many of our supporting churches and organizations sponsor special projects as the need arrises. Most of the are building projects such as schools, churches, homes, wells, and cisterns. Here are a few of the building projects we have been recently working on.


Church at Mango Tree

Lift Kids ministry partner, One Plus God, has been instrumental in this project. Please visit their site to get involved.


Cistern in Mango Tree

After digging a well for Mango Tree, Lift built this cistern to store the water for the village. 


Cistern in Balan

Balan has never had clean water. With this new cistern, fresh water will be trucked in and stored. This will eliminate most of the water-born illnesses that this village suffers from.

sadrak house.jpeg

House for Lift Kids servant, Sadrak 

Sadrak has faithfully served Lift for years. He and his family have been living in a tent city since the earthquake. After one of our visiting teams came and learned of his situation, they sponsored a project to build him a home. 

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