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In Haiti, only 50% of the school-aged children can go to school. This is because around 90% of schools are private and charge tuition fees that are too high for an average Haitian family, where 59% of the population lives on less than $2 per day. When you become a sponsor, you will be making dreams come true by providing education and needed nutrition. 

About 1 million Haitians are severely food insecure, and more than 1/5 of Haitian children are chronically malnourished. Your sponsored child will receive healthy meals as often as the funds allow. The more students sponsored, the more funds available to feed the students. 


Sponsoring a student is just $30/month. By providing financial support for your sponsored student’s education, you can help break the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for a brighter future. 


Each month you will receive a photo, prayer request, and updates from your sponsored child. Your sponsorship pays the teachers, buys school supplies, and feeds the students.


Choose from one of the many students below and enter their name when you sponsor on our Donate page.

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