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On October 8, 2013 Lift School opened it’s doors in Karade Tent city for it’s first school year. We now are in our fifth school year and we have 65 students. This school is for kids that have never been able to go to school before because they could not afford it. It is our heart that these students not just get an education but that they would become little disciples for Christ. We teach the Word of God, memorize scripture, sing and pray together each day. Many of our students start school at a grade level much lower than what is normal for their age but we have seen several student work hard and move their way up to a normal grade level for their ages. Praise God!



In October of 2015 we opened the doors for a school in a village called La Tramblay. This village is filled with Voodoo and is very poor. The people really need the truth of God’s Word and help from the Lord. We became friends with the pastor of the only Christian church in the village and he also had started a Christian school 30 years ago. 7 years ago Pastor was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his head. Several years ago he became so sick that he couldn’t keep the school running. The school was closed down for three years, but in 2015 the Lord put it on Boss and Missy’s heart to open the school again. This time, it would be open to anyone to come free of charge. The students are taught the Word of God each day. We pray for them to be an army for the Lord and go out into the village and spread the gospel that they learn in school. God has been doing good things in this village and we are thankful and hopeful for the many great things ahead. In the next year we hope to start a feeding program for the students this next school year because hunger is a very big problem this year. We have kids that miss class just because they are too weak from not eating. May God’s will be done as we work hard to further His Kingdom for His glory.

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